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When using MAGISTRAS.EU portal in order to apply for studies in one of MAGISTRAS.EU partner Higher Education Institution(s) (hereinafter referred to as HEI), you grant to MAGISTRAS.EU the right to:

  • Collect and store the personal data you provide on the application form, as well as transfer it to third parties in other countries, such as HEI or National Online Application systems (including, but not limited to UCAS in the United Kingdom, Studielink in the Netherlands, Optagelse in Denmark) in order to submit applications for admission to the HEI of your choice on your behalf;
  • Request and receive information on your enrolment (including examinations) from the HEI of your choice;

You declare that all the information you provide to MAGISTRAS.EU or directly to the HEI of your choice is truthful and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.

You grant the HEI of your choice permission to contact the institution(s) that issued your qualifying degree(s) in order to verify the documents you have attached to the application.

You also authorize the HEI to reveal information concerning your application to MAGISTRAS.EU (such as status of application, acceptance etc.).

You confirm that you have chosen the right region/country on top of this webpage in order to see the HEI application requirements that correspond to your citizenship.

You confirm that you have been informed that:

  • Your application may not be transferred to the HEI of your choice if you have not paid the application fee; or the application can fail to meet the deadline if the payment is late;
  • MAGISTRAS.EU may ask for additional information in order to complete your application to the HEI of your choice.
  • MAGISTRAS.EU does not guarantee you a study place at the HEI of your choice;
  • MAGISTRAS.EU will do its best to help students during the application process but shall not be liable for:
    • The HEI not considering your application if you were late to fulfil any of the application requirements;
    • Technical or human errors that can occur on the webpage or during the application transferring process;
    • The changes in the application requirements or procedures made by HEI;
    • HEI cancelling a study programme an applicant applied for;
  • In case of rejection by the HEI(s) of your choice MAGISTRAS.EU can offer additional alternative study options to apply for.

You promise to inform MAGISTRAS.EU about your final study choice in the end of the application process.

Please make sure to contact your closest MAGISTRAS.EU office to get support and help if you have questions!

Any disputes that may arise out of this document shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.