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MScEconomics and Business Administration - Strategic Communication

Aarhus University
Denmark, Århus
Aarhus BSS Denmark, Aarhus
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The MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Strategic Communication focuses on the strategic, organisational and managerial opportunities and challenges related to companies’ communication with its various stakeholders. This specialisation qualifies you to master the complex processes and practices of strategic communication specifically within the areas of brand and social media management and innovation, integrated marketing and organisational communication.

Programme structure

The first semester’s selection of prerequisite courses provides you with a solid academic base and advanced knowledge of organisational and brand management theories, which is crucial for the analysis, understanding, critical assessment and solving of communication problems:

The course Organisational Theory provides you with advanced knowledge on how to analyse and understand organisations and organisational practices, and it presents various analytical frameworks with which to understand and navigate organisations. The course functions as a general platform and framework for the second semester’s specialisation course in Organisational Communication.

The course Brand Management Theory presents you with various theories, models and concepts within and approaches to brand management, including their different communicative assumptions, philosophic underpinnings and methodological preferences. The course builds upon the notion that different approaches to the brand guide different strategic decisions with regards to both brand management and communication. The course functions as a general platform and framework for the second semester’s specialisation course in Integrated Marketing Communication.

The course Management Research Methods provides you with advanced insights into scientific research designs, processes and standards with a particular emphasis on the specific research methods and methodologies relevant for studying strategic communication in and from organisations.

The second semester focuses on key disciplines within strategic communication, which in combination provide you with thorough insights into the various processes and practices of internal, external and integrated strategic communication:

The course Organisational Communication aims to enhance our understanding of the role communication plays in the management of modern organisations and of the various communicative causes, correlations, and consequences of internal communication processes and practices on the overall strategic management of the organisation. The course provides you with skills for analysing, identifying and solving communication problems related to managerial and organisational challenges as well as in managing communication at individual, group, organisational and societal level.

The course Integrated Marketing Communication focuses on consumers and the market. It gives you advanced insights into marketing communication management, including understandings of the actual processes and models for analysing the economic, social and cultural contexts, setting goals and objectives, developing marketing communication strategies and outlining their creative execution. The course also provides you with insights into the various organisational and managerial challenges and opportunities in working with the integration of communication and communication processes at different levels.

The course Social Media Management aims to enhance our understanding of how new digital and social technologies impact and enable communication, collaboration and innovation in the contemporary business environment. It provides you with skills for analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating effective social media management and communication practices in view of the overall corporate setting and communication strategy.


In the third semester, you can choose your own specialisation guided by your individual areas of interest. You can choose elective courses at Aarhus BSS during the semester, at the Summer University, or at one of our more than 200 partner universities abroad. Or you can participate in internship programmes in Denmark or abroad.


The fourth semester is devoted to the Master’s thesis. You are free to choose a topic of your choice within the overall framework of Strategic Communication. The thesis thus allows you to concentrate on and specialise your career profile within a specific field of interest. The thesis can be developed and written individually or in collaboration with fellow students. When you have submitted the thesis, you must defend before an examiner as well as an external co-examiner.

Career opportunities

The MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Strategic Communication is driven by a strategic and managerial approach to communication and with a key emphasis on the actual processes and practice of communication and communication management. In combination with its focus on both internal and external organisationally integrated and brand aligned communications, the programme prepares you for handling the many diverse communications challenges facing contemporary public and private organisations and agencies.

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